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Mark Lucey / 04-10-2020, 09:12

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10.0 "Great compatible capsules"

  • +very good tasting coffee. The strongest coffee capsules distributed by The Coffee Pod Co.
  • -Very occasionally a capsule may leak around the top when being used. However it is pretty rare and a lot less than some compatible capsules on the market.

Chris / 06-05-2020, 09:18

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10.0 "A fine dark roast I really enjoy it"

  • +A good dark roast, not sure what the reviewer who say it's weak is talking about. I order over the phone and found them very helpful and went for recommendation and it's fine and certainly not weak. I've ordered it a few times now and tried a few others all good.
  • -none

Aled / 17-03-2020, 14:00

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2.0 "Weak and watery"

  • +None if you are looking for a strong tasty coffee
  • -Weak and watery. Tastes like a cafetiere coffee made with too much water and not enough coffee.

    Hi Aled

    Not sure why you had a problem, we do test here, and if just extracting the correct amount though the capsule all is fine, it only seems to be a problem when pulling off more then the coffee is designed for 35 ml

    The Coffee Pod