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Wayne / 21-10-2019, 06:58

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10.0 "Perfect travel companion! "

  • +I travel all over the south of England to construction sites and the coffee is shocking. Not anymore I have a few of the coffee bags with me I can have a perfect cup of coffee where ever I go. The individual bags means no messy paraphernalia required.
  • -I end up supplying everyone else a cup on site

Jackie Powell / 10-10-2019, 09:52

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8.0 "A really good tasting coffee. Great product and idea."

  • +Good tasting,
    Has 'body',
    Conveniant for one.
    I won my mixed bag in a raffle for Breast Cancer yesterday, totally delighted.
  • -Disposal not always easy.

Wayne / 21-09-2019, 13:33

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10.0 "Brilliant. I can have a cup of coffee anywhere and rely on the taste"

  • +I can have a coffee where ever there is a kettle! Or take a flask. Beats instant in every way.
  • -The waste! Sometimes pricks my conscience.

Adele Froude / 28-07-2019, 22:52

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8.0 "Good"

  • +The coffee flavour is very good. With practice, they are easy to use and perfect for taking with you on holiday etc. Even wild camping!
  • -Several split down the sides. Requires patience to fill, wait, top up repeat.
    Outer packaging really should be recyclable!

Raymond Cowie / 13-05-2019, 17:36

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10.0 "Very good. The first time I used it I found it messy and awkward but now I have masterd the technique I prefer it to my coffee machine."

  • +The coffee is good and the couple of minutes to prepare it has become a pleasant interlude and a moment of quiet contemplation.
  • -There is not a piece of coffee apparatus that controls the flow of water into the pouch. The best I could find is the burette apparatus used in chemistry.