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Wayne / 21-09-2019, 13:33

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10.0 "Brilliant. I can have a cup of coffee anywhere and rely on the taste"

  • +I can have a coffee where ever there is a kettle! Or take a flask. Beats instant in every way.
  • -The waste! Sometimes pricks my conscience.

Adele Froude / 28-07-2019, 22:52

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8.0 "Good"

  • +The coffee flavour is very good. With practice, they are easy to use and perfect for taking with you on holiday etc. Even wild camping!
  • -Several split down the sides. Requires patience to fill, wait, top up repeat.
    Outer packaging really should be recyclable!

Raymond Cowie / 13-05-2019, 17:36

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10.0 "Very good. The first time I used it I found it messy and awkward but now I have masterd the technique I prefer it to my coffee machine."

  • +The coffee is good and the couple of minutes to prepare it has become a pleasant interlude and a moment of quiet contemplation.
  • -There is not a piece of coffee apparatus that controls the flow of water into the pouch. The best I could find is the burette apparatus used in chemistry.

Martin / 26-03-2019, 17:31

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10.0 "Really great product making delicious coffee as required"

  • +Quick and easy to pack and take for holiday, and then to enjoy
    Delicious (both the Sumatran and Guatemalan)
  • -The first pack we received of the One Cup Drip Filters had four out of the first five split - but the big PLUS that followed was being sent a replacement pack !
    Opening the outer pack is frustrating - the foil tears, but the inner plastic requires scissors or teeth to open . . .
    Pouring boiling water through the bags is fiddly and requires patience due to pouring, resting, pouring more, resting more . . . !

Emma / 25-11-2018, 20:21

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8.0 "Great coffee, easy to use bag, convienient."

  • +Great to take away from home, easy to use, the tags really do stay put on the mug. Bag compostable. Works out about 35p ish a cup, cheaper than a coffee shop as long as you have access to hot water.
  • -The outer wrapping isn't recyclable. Not a very wide range of coffee blends yet.