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Joshua Moffatt / 03-12-2020, 07:05

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10.0 "Great quality, after using a lot of Italian else pods which are great but obviously have to travel and may have been roasted and ground a while ago, you can taste the differencr just from that aspect."

  • +Sweet after taste, I had to double check I hadn't put sugar in by mistake. Powerful start and smooth but significant body.
  • -I think using two pods is a must to get all the flavour out of a single cup, one pod is nice but doesn't deliver the depth of flavour two do. A small issue though for an overall great pod

Richard Broome / 04-10-2020, 11:43

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10.0 "A fantastic tasting blend that works brilliantly in our domestic espresso machine."

  • +Consistently delivers great coffee.
  • -So good we haven't explored other blends. Would prefer no tab on pod but that's being very picky!

Mike / 21-08-2017, 21:02

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10.0 "Great"

  • +I like the general ambience of the coffee
  • -None really