John Miller

19-12-2019, 20:41


I have a Lavazza pod machine but the pod are far more difficult to find them and when you do there is not much of a range. I found your company by internet search and I am glad that I did! A great selection at a very good price and very fast delivery....ordered 2.45pm and delivered before 11.00am the following day. The coffee was excellent!! Highly recommended!!

robert wells

23-04-2019, 11:38


I have been buying for years never any complaints i changed to a capsule machine but capsules for this were expensive & not easy to get in my area it then broke so changed back to old senseo machine which then packed up so rang coffee pod up and they still had some new old stock senseo twist machines so I bought one Happy Days

Tony Escritt

02-04-2019, 15:40


I would like to thank you for your extremely fast response to my order even faster delivery, less than 12 hours after placing order it arrived via Royal Mail. Thanks again.

Margaret Dalton

01-11-2018, 10:32


Great coffee. Great service. Working my way through the various selections - loved them all!


25-08-2018, 17:22


I was recommended by a friend who regularly orders coffee from you!! I must say there’s a great selection of coffee pods for the senseo machine and even tasty organic coffee too!!! Very pleased with the service never waiting too long!!

John Wendt

10-04-2018, 13:06


Ordered my Dolce Gusto pods and decided to try the tea selection and Barley tea. They are excellent tasting.
The ordering process tracking and delivery were a breeze and quick delivery 48 hrs and brewing.

Well recommended


mike bennett

10-04-2018, 12:15


As a returning customer of over a years standing I have to say that the last batch of Lavazza compatible pods were a very bad fit for the machine . They appeared to be inflated , with the foil seal puffed up and the pod requiring considerable force to insert, meaning that it then dropped through the Modo Mio machine into the catch tray for the used pods or misaligned and was spoiled when the closing lever was was operate! Very poor indeed . I am sorry to say that the coffee quality was also way below the standard of previous batches being generally bitter and inconsistent in flavour.

Steve Miranda

04-04-2018, 13:30


Really good service as always from this supplier.
I’ve been ordering from the coffee pod roastery for a couple of years now, and the order has always arrived very quickly and well packaged.
The generic senseo pods I’ve ordered (Columbia Supremo) have always been of a high quality, well sealed and very reasonably priced especially when compared to the official Senseo pods supplied by the manufacturer. Also in my opinion they have a better taste than the Senseo equivalent, so ticks all the boxes!
I will certainly continue to order from this company in the future.


31-03-2018, 19:31


Ordered my coffee from you last Saturday (after hours) & it was delivered by Royal Mail the following Tuesday, on standard delivery... that's very good service!!
I ordered a mixed pack & a pack of the Somerset brand. Haven't had the chance to try
them all yet, but the one's we have tried have been excellent!!
We will certainly be coming back for a repeat order in the future, & look to try more of your range. Many thanks.


08-02-2018, 10:37


I have bought from you for several years. I am always upset by the large postage costs. I noticed that you now trade via Amazon and the postage is cheaper by £2 in that channel ?

Hi Peter

We do sell on Amazon, and the postage is 'fixed' at £2.99 so it is the same if buying one pack of coffee, and cheaper if you buy more then one, BUT there is no 10% discount that you would get if buying direct from us, so this MORE then covers any postage costs.

We can price one of two ways, offer a 10% discount to returning customers which will cover more then the cost of postage, or have no discount and free postage?

At the end of the day postage is a cost that has to be paid for in some way, sorry


The Coffee Pod

Noah Sternchos

07-02-2018, 13:10


I've been having ESE pods shipped from you over to the US for some time now. I love your diverse selection, the great quality, and the reliable service. Thank you.

Hi Noah

Thanks for your feedback :-)

The Coffee Pod

J Morris

27-01-2018, 13:23


Pleased with the French roast for senseo machine, but we don't find that one pod is enough for the 2 pod (mug) size. Re delivery, last time I had to collect at the post office - maybe an option for where to leave the package would help?


It is always personal taste, but most of our customers just use one pod for a mug.

As for option to leave parcel, there is a comment box at checkout that you can leave a message to ask for this.

The Coffee Pod


22-01-2018, 21:23


I would like to comment on the decaf arabica coffee senseo pads. I have tried all three types and they taste great. All the flavour of the arabica beans is there. Can't really tell the coffee apart from the caffeinated one. I strongly recommend it.


04-01-2018, 12:01


Placed my first order at 1pm on a wet Wednesday afternoon. My order was delivered within 24 hours! Morning coffee never tasted so good at a pretty good price.


01-12-2017, 12:34


After a gap of several years (still got 2 Coffee Pod mugs in regular use though) I've returned to The Coffee Pod for ESE pods to use in a new espresso machine. The service from The Coffee Pod is still excellent with my order arriving within 24 hours and plenty of information along the way. I'll comment on the individual coffees as I try them but so far very pleased with the Cuban Serrano and the Blue Mountain, which was an old favourite.

Tony Mead

03-10-2017, 16:29


Enjoyed our first order so much that we were on the point of running-out sooner than expected
so placed an order for 100 French Roast Senseo size pods which were delivered within 24 hours of placing the order.
Great Coffee, Great service and a good price too!


22-09-2017, 15:49


Just received my latest order of 50 Pods of French Roast for my Philips Senseo.

I have ordered a few times now so that should tell you something about what I think about Thecoffepod and their coffee !

After trying their sampler pack I hit upon the French Roast which, to me has a rich taste and is strong without being overpowering.

I don't bother looking elsewhere now as the price and service are excellent; dispatch seems almost immediate and questions are always answered quickly and courteously.

Keith Pearce

08-09-2017, 12:52


Excellent service, ordered one day delivered the next!
Thank you, I will have fun trying the variety ESE pack and will definitely re-order in the future.

Cathy Williams

06-09-2017, 09:39


I've bought from you a few times. Always good service and good coffee!
This is a comment relating to the ese pods and the packaging. In this time of concern about the amount of plastic waste is there a way of packing the pods without individual plastic wrappers? A tin or box perhaps? Teabags come in cardboard boxes admittedly with a cellophane wrapper on the box. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. Yes I could use coffee grounds without the convenience of the pods but.....

Hi Cathy

The coffee needs to be packed to stop it being 'attacked' by the oxygen in the air.
If oxygen gets to the coffee it gives the coffee a bitter flavour, and reduces the taste of the coffee which is why we pack all our coffee in Nitrogen to stop this.

The wrappers that the ESE pods are packed in are aluminium foil, with a plastic barrier, some councils are able to recycle this machine, but some are not.

If there was a way, we would do it :-)

The Coffee Pod

angela dix

21-08-2017, 10:59


what loverly people they are at coffee pad, my order is held up in my sorting office,so they have sent another one so will not be out of there great coffee pods,being sent by courier,been getting coffee for a few years never had any problems at all, thank you all for your great coffee and service, thak care, angela,

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