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Alan Boyd / 19-08-2016, 17:03

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10.0 "An aroma to die for"

  • +I bought some of the Tarrazu pods in my last order and have to say the they were excellent. They made a lovely rich flavourful mug of coffee and out of all the pods I have bought to date (Italia, Tarrazu, Roastmaster & French Roast) these are the ones that I prefer best. Just opening the foil packet releases a smell that would take any coffee lover to heaven. The others are good too - make no mistakes there - but these have a very fresh, intensely rich, dark aroma which immediately lets you know you're in for a treat - and when the coffee reaches your lips you'll not be disappointed.

    Sometimes for if my 'treat' money is limited I'll go with something else on special offer from the site, but for these, like a certain Terminator, "I'll be back".
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