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Barry Cherokoff / 20-03-2020, 10:41

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10.0 "Excellent. Strong, flavourful"

  • +All good
  • -No bad

Helen George / 21-02-2020, 11:05

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6.0 "Gorgeous and rich with no sour back throat"

  • +A really good smooth strong coffee. I love it strong but since I dont add sugar I like a coffe that has no bitter or sour aftertaste - this is the one
  • -Price - I have foud bags of 36 for 8p and this is almost 20p per cup. Now I know these are individual but I drink 5 or 6 cups a day so a bag of 36 lasts only about a week and if kept in an airtight container does not go stale. Also all the foil packaging has to go to landfill as it is not pure foil, there is plastic in it - if I am wrong and they can be recycles that would be good - I need to know. Please make some different packs - maybe packs of 5? I am not an occasional drinker and a bag of 5 would be a days worth for me and have less packaging.

Tom / 29-10-2017, 20:37

+1 -3

10.0 "Very good coffee. I like it black and strong, so this is a perfect match for my taste! "

  • +Rich and smooth
  • -You may want another!

Leslie Ward / 18-02-2017, 10:29

+49 -83

10.0 "Very Very Good"

  • +I order French extreme often,strong taste & full bodied,the best pods for the senseo machine I've found.
  • -Slightly pricey but worth it.

Mike / 25-06-2016, 13:24

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10.0 "Very very good"

  • +I read the other reviews and thought I would go for it. I had not used the coffee pod's compatibles before. They describe the coffee as "A REAL dark-roast lover's dream! " and they are right. Full marks on this one. Deliver was as it should be.
  • -The website was OK but could be better.