Amabile Espresso Modo Mio Compatible

Modo Mio Compatible Capsules

for Lavazza coffee machines


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Amabile Espresso 100 Compatible A Modo Mio* Capsules

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modo mio compatible capsules

 Amabile  Espresso

A Modo Mio* Compatible Capsules

Box of 100 Capsules

Amabile Espresso, A pleasing blend of both Arabica & Robusta coffee beans.

The Arabica beans are full of sweetness, and vigorous scents, while the Robusta coffee beans strengthen the the espresso with  a wonderful aroma and great crema

Arabica Beans 50% Robusta 50%

Intensity 7/10

Medium Roast

 Capsules x 100 x 7g Net (30 ml)

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