Bio-Compostable Packaging

ESE Coffee Pods Packed in Bio-Compostable Packaging



We are trialling a new Bio-Compostable packaging material to pack our ESE coffee pods instead of the traditional 'foil', this material  can be placed in your Food Recycling Bin, or Garden Composter

Packaging is called Bio-compostable if it complies with the relevant European industrial standard EN 13432.

The standard for Bio Composability is issued by a certification body, such as VINCOTTE in Belgium, for industrial and home composting. Several certificates exist in accordance with each European country’s legislation. Bio composting is the most ideal form of disposal,

The EUROPEAN Standard for Composability requires each raw material to be certified COMPOSTABLE, within the total laminate composition (papers, films, inks, varnishes, glues). Following this guidance we use a barrier triplex compostable specification for the dry foods market.

The material is four times the cost of traditional 'foil' and has other limitations such as percentage of print area etc.

Please Note:

If Bio-Compostable ESE coffee pods are ordered by themselves without any other coffees in the order, they will be shipped packed 50 pods in a cardboard box, BUT if ordered with ESE coffee pods in our standard packaging foil, these Bio-Compostable coffees will be in  a pack of 50 pods packed in 'plastic'.

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Bio-Compostable Packaging