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Why use coffee pods



ESE 44mm and Senseo  Coffee Pods



Our Coffee pods are manufactured in just about the best machine available…..

The plant is made by IMA Industries in Italy, and what they don’t know about the best way to make both ESE 44mm, and Senseo 62mm pods is not worth knowing.

The IMA CL123 is the only monobloc machine packaging coffee in pods, in a modified atmosphere (inert gas) at controlled temperature and heat-sealing them in foil envelopes.

Thanks to its control systems, it maintains exceptional levels of efficiency and stability, providing the maximum guarantee of quality.
The machine’s flexibility allows a size changeover from a 7-gram to a 14-gram pod in less than 45 minutes, without having to work on any of the mechanical elements. After grinding, the coffee blend enters the CL123 infeed hopper. From this stage onwards, all production steps take place in a modified atmosphere, thus preserving the coffee aroma entirely. Once closed in its envelope, the pod is packaged in boxes, flow-packs, etc.