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Customer Review Pages for ESE Coffee Pods

Customer Reviews of our ESE Espresso coffee pods, find out what our customers have to say about our coffee pods, then add your own rating and comments.

We think that the best reviews are the ones that you our customers make, yes we are 'in the trade' and look at  the 'finer' points of our coffees, but its the same as when you get a wine taster making their review in the papers, sometimes you just have no idea what they are going on about, but when you buy a wine, you know whether you like it or not.

Its the same with coffee, we can point you in the right direction, but only you know if you enjoy our coffee as we are all different in the tastes that we enjoy. So now you have a chance to say what you like. 

Have a look through our coffee pod reviews, then place your order and see if you think the same

Find out what our customers think of our ESE coffee pods