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Kenyan MH

There are many types of coffees in the world and the main species are Arabica and Robusta.  Arabica is a high quality, mild coffee much favoured for blending.

Kenyan Arabica is grown on rich volcanic soils found in the highlands between 1400 to 2000 meters above sea level.  It is an established fact the finest Arabic coffee in the world is grown in Kenya.

The climate is never hotter than an European summer and never cooler than the best kind of European spring with a temperature range of not more than 19C (35F).  Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year where coffee is grown with an annual precipitation not less that 1000 mm (35”) and deep well-drained red loam soils.  These conditions make most of the districts in Kenya where coffee is grown unique in the world.  There are broad, gently rounded ridges, sloping not too steeply into valleys which run swift perennial streams.  The red volcanic soil is of great depth and fertility on the slopes ensuring good drainage.

Coffee production goes through a systematic protocol from seed to cup from nursery, farm, pulping, milling and grading.  Attention to detail guarantees that the consumer only gets the best of our Kenya Coffee. MBUNI (Sun Dried Coffee, Not Wet Processed)
Mbuni is coffee that has not gone through the wet process (unwashed). It comprises about 10% of the total crop and graded either as heavy mbuni (MH) or light mbuni (ML), because it was not picked, or because it fell from the trees after ripening.


  • Fairly bold solid bean
  • good yellow colour
  • no full blacks pieces of cherry or other bad defectives permitted
  • Liquor must be a typical "Mbuni" flavour with no taints. The beans are very rich in flavour.

This is a very unusual coffee with a very ‘Earthy’ flavour, and great after taste - Not to be missed Each 62mm Senseo® size coffee pod with produce an 8oz cup of coffee, for use in Philips Senseo Coffee machines, and others that use 62mm coffee pods 62mm Senseo® Size coffee pods, for use in Philips Senseo Coffee machines, and others that use 62mm coffee pods