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Ethiopian Harrar Coffee Pods 

ESE 44mm - Pack of 50 pods

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Individual Coffee Sense Coffee Pods for use with ESE Espresso coffee machines that use 44mm coffee pods.


Ethiopian coffee is the original coffee bean which hooked the world, discovered growing among goats more than a thousand years ago in what's now Ethiopia


Ethiopia produces some of the most unique and fascinating coffees in the world. The three main regions where Ethiopia coffee beans originate are Harrar, Ghimbi, and Sidamo (Yirgacheffe).


Ethiopian Harrar coffee beans are grown on small farms in the eastern part of the country. They are dry-processed and are labelled as longberry (large), shortberry (smaller), or Mocha (peaberry).


 In the best Harrar coffees, one can observe an intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries. Ethiopian Harrar coffee is often used in espresso blends to capture the fine aromatics in the crème.


Acidity: Winey with the majority of sensation occurring on the sides of the tongue

Body: Full

Flavour: Very very sweet coffee, notes of berry, malt and wonderful earthy tones.

Aftertaste: Somewhat short, but very pleasant!  


Individually Wrapped - 7g per pod  100% Arabica Coffee


Pack size - Pack of 50 fresh and flavourful individually wrapped coffee pods of 7 grams each