Sweetbird Caramel Sugar FREE Syrup

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Sweetbird Caramel Sugar FREE Syrup

Size 1ltr 

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We’re a health-conscious bunch at The Coffee Pod and we know our customers are now looking for low calorie flavour options to go in their skinny lattes.

The range of Sweetbird Sugar-Free Syrups answers this demand without compromising on taste or quality.

water, dietary fibre: wheat dextrin, aromas including caramel, thickeners: .

  • Approved by the Vegetarian Society
  • Approved for vegan diets by Viva! 

Amount per serving.

Calories  3.75kCal
Calories from fat 0g 
Total fat 0g 
Sodium 0mg 
Total carbohydrate 0.42g 
of which sugars 0g 
Protein 0g