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Royal Momotombo SHG ESE Coffee Pods

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Bright, fruity flavours from extra-large, shade-grown beans

Royal Momotombo. is all light and brightness of flavour, in every sense a classic cup of coffee.

Nicaraguan coffees are known for a balanced, mild cup: they’re easy-to-love coffees you could drink all day. We think Royal Momotombo delivers on the Nicaraguan coffee promise – and then some.

Nicaragua washed SHG Momotombo is an SHG (Strictly High Grown: altitudes of 1200m or more) shade-grown coffee from the Nueva Segovia district in northern Nicaragua, near the Honduran border. The coffee was named for the local volcano: Momotombo is one of Nicaragua’s most iconic images. The peak’s nearly perfect symmetric shape appears on everything from postage stamps to revolutionary graffiti.

What makes this coffee royal is the size of the beans.

As Momotombo coffees are processed, the biggest beans (referred to as ‘Screen 17 beans for the biggest sieve size) are set aside. These beauties are pored over by hand and the most flawless are selected for to be Royal Momotombo beans. No less than 67% of the beans in this bag of coffee are Screen 17 beans.

Flavour 4/5Body 3/5Roast 4/5Acidity 4/5

Tasting notes

Royal Momotombo is an all-purpose coffee that’s as good in a latte as it is making an Americana or espresso. The flavour is rich, with subtle notes of nougat sweetness and apricot.

There’s a pronounced acidity and fruitiness to this coffee that makes it very, very drinkable.

This is a medium-bodied coffee but it doesn’t skimp on flavour. See if you can smell Brazil nut and vanilla in the dry aroma, and then a glorious hit of honeysuckle in the wet aroma. It’s sweet and floral, a perfect summertime scent.

Awarded One Gold Star in the Fine Food Taste Awards 2014

Royal Momotombo Espresso has been awarded One Gold Star in the

Fine Food Taste Awards 2014

Convection Roasted - Packed in 50 x 44mm single pods individually foil packed 7 grams per pod