Senseo Size Honduras Coffee

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Honduras Senseo Size Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 Pods

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During 2011, Honduras surpassed Guatemala as the largest Central American coffee producer and exporter, and by 2012, Honduras had become the second world exporter of washed Arabica coffee! Today, Honduras is the seventh largest producer of coffee in the world, behind much bigger countries, such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Best of all, the high quality of Honduras coffee has allowed it to obtain world wide recognition, and speciality coffee brands are now actively seeking and purchasing high quality coffee from Honduras.

There's an aroma of malted, unrefined sugars in the dry fragrance that is like sucanat.

The body of Honduras has depth, the mouth feel is silky,

and there are no surprises in the finish - just a sweetness that lingers on through to the long after-taste.

This is an all-around solid coffee

Individually Wrapped - 8g per pod

  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Responsibly Grown Coffee
  • Kosher Certified

Remember, Packed ONE POD per foil pack, NOT as others do - 2 or 6 or 10 or more in a packet. Fresh Every Time

Pack size - Pack of 50 fresh and flavourful individually wrapped coffee pods.