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Oquendo Temperanza Compatible Coffee Capsules

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Oquendo Temeranza

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Box of 10 capsules

Note BBF End 01/19

Coffee Intensity Level 6

May be taken at any time of day.

A fine combination of beans of Arabica origin which provide a mild, aromatic coffee with a degree of acidity and a pleasant after taste. A slightly intense process of roasting gives body and makes for a well balanced coffee.

Oquendo capsules are NOT packed in a foil pouch, and can be used directly from the box, and placed in your Nespresso machine

Oquendo capsules allows the blending in the inside, just as it does in a regular espresso machine on a coffeeshop, so the result is a perfect espresso with aroma, taste and crema.

Each capsules has 5.5 grams of coffee in them, unlike most other manufactures that only have 4 or 4.5grams

On the scale of intensity of taste: 6 = Temperanza

Boxed 10 capsules