Ouqendo Furore Nespresso compatible capsules

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Oquendo Furore

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Box of 10           

Coffee Intensity Level 8


May be taken early in the morning “solo” or with a dash of milk.

For lovers of strong, full bodied coffee with a clearly defined taste. A fine aroma with touches of wood, toast and liquorice, provided by beans which have been roasted in the Italian style. In the cup this coffee has a generous “crema”, a moderate level of bitterness and leaves a lasting and satisfying aftertaste.

On the scale of intensity of taste: 8 = Furore

Oquendo capsules are NOT packed in a foil pouch, and can be used directly from the box, and placed in your Nespresso machine.

Each capsules has 5grams of coffee in them, unlike most other manufactures that only have 4 or 4.5grams.

Each box contains 10 capsules