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Mixed Oquendo Nespresso Compatible Pack

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Mixed Oquendo Nespresso

Compatible Pack of

100 capsules 

Not sure which Oquendo compatible capsule to order?

Then why not get this mixed pack and then you can try them all

This pack contains the following:

2 x Nero

1 x Temeranza

1 x Furore

1 x Brazilian

1 x Colombian

1 x Ethiopian

1 x Bio (Organic)

1 x Bio Tucan (Organic)

1 x Bio Mante Tierra (Organic)


If DeCaf. option is selected you will receive TWO packs of  DeCaf, capsules with two less of the above making a pack of 10 boxes (100 Capsules)

Oquendo capsules are NOT packed in a foil pouch, and can be used directly from the box, and placed in your Nespresso machine

Each capsules has up to 5.5grams* of coffee in them, unlike most other manufactures that only have 4 or 4.5grams

Oquendo capsules allows the blending in the inside, just as it does in a regular espresso machine on a coffeeshop, so the result is a perfect espresso with aroma, taste and crema

Each box contains 10 boxes of 10 capsules

* Darker Roasts have less weight due to volume of Darker coffee.

* We may need to change the coffees included at times due to stock levels.