Kenyan AA Espresso ESE Coffee Pods Pack of 50

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Kenyan AA Espresso

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 Pods

Kenya is well known for its highly organized network of coffee cooperatives. This system produces remarkable consistency in growing methods, milling, and auctioning across a web of about 150,000 growers, the majority of which are small-scale farmers. The topography of high-altitude plateaus in major Kenyan coffee regions combined with acidic soil provides excellent growing conditions for Arabica

Kenyan AA coffee is one of those coffees well known for its strong flavours, good aroma and acidity.

This Kenyan AA this has a medium fruity acidity which is lovely and does not overpower the pallet, great sweetness.

With a balance of flavours, and pleasant after-taste, especially for those who like little/medium acidity with hints of blackcurrants, caramel and butter.

Packed in 50 x 44mm single pods Each pod individually foil wrapped 7.4g