Espresso Bar 48 Dolce Gusto ®Compatible Capsules

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Espresso Bar

Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules

Box of 48 capsules

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Espresso Bar, espresso, a vigorous and intents body and flavour, with a pleasant lingering after-taste.

This espresso is full bodied but smooth and has a generous crema. Use this espresso for making Americana coffees, Latte or Cappuccino's if you have a milk frother, pull of the shot of espresso and add your steamed milk.

These  Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pod will excite your taste bud's.

Arabica Beans 30% Robusta Beans 70%

Intensity 8/10

Dark Roast

30 ml extraction

7g per capsule x 48 = 336g

Dolce Gusto Compatible