Fortissimo Arabica Espresso 48 Dolce Gusto® Compatible Capsules

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Fortissimo Arabica Espresso

Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules

Box of 48 Capsules

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Fortissimo Arabica espresso, a selection of Arabica coffees, roasted to perfection to release all the flavour, richness, and intensity of these Arabica coffee beans,

No Robusta coffee beans are used in this Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pod which is why the coffee is so smooth, a medium roast coffee ensures that you will find this coffee just great as an espresso shot, or for drinking as an Americana.

With  a wonderful aroma and great crema

Arabica Beans 100%

Intensity 7/10

Medium Roast

30 ml extraction

7g per capsule x 48 = 336g

Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules