Java Mocha ESE Coffee Pods Box of 300

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Java Mocha Espresso

 ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Box of 300 pods


Possibly one of the worlds first successful blends

Java Mocha got its name from the port of exportation (Mokha) for Ethiopian coffee and it’s Javanese additions.

The exotic Ethiopian beans lend the coffee the citrus flavours and are co-blended with the fuller bodied Java coffee.

The result is a medium bodied coffee, with a soft citrus flavour and complex after taste, a great all round coffee.

Our coffee is roasted  using a Giesen traditional drum roaster which is computer controlled using state of the art software to ensure that the coffee beans are roasted to perfection, and then individually foil packed in a nitrogen environment, for complete freshness

Tasting Notes:
This is a robust, spicy, intensely fruity blend with hints of bitter-sweet chocolate, blueberries and wild honey in a big, bold body.

Due to the heavy percentage of naturally processed coffee in this blend, it packs a level of sweetness and fruitiness not present in many other blends.
Roastmaster's Notes: 

Strength    3/5
Rich, spicy, medium-dark roast
Wild honey high notes
Chocolate mousse body and sweetness
Memorable, relaxing blend

Packed 6 x 50 x 7g 44mm ESE pods individually wrapped per pack