Kenyan AA Decaffeinated Senseo Size - Pack of 150

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Kenyan AA Decaffeinated Coffee pods

Senseo Size 62mm

Amongst the top of list of the world's finest Arabica coffees is our Decaffeinated Kenya "AA".

The Coffee Board of Kenya realizes the quality of coffee they are capable of making and they have strict guidelines in place to grow the best beans possible. The "AA" denotes the size, shape and density of the bean. It is a well-known fact that the largest "AA" bean is going to produce more treasured oils to give your coffee the fabulous aroma and intense flavour.

Advanced decaffeination techniques mean that you still get all the taste and fragrant aroma

These Senseo size coffee pods will give you an 8oz mug of coffee, and are individually foil wrapped, so the last pod that you use is as good as the first.

You will find Decaf. Kenya AA Coffee to have smooth full body, delicate acidity with a smooth wine-like flavour. It presents a gentle floral fragrant aroma with overtones of berries and citrus

Roastmaster’s notes:-

  • Light Roast; 2/5
  • Full Body; 4/5
  • Acidity; 3/5
  • Strength; 3/5
  • 8 grams

Convection Roasted - Packed in 50 x 62mm single pods individually foil packed 8 grams per pod