Mixed Espresso Pack 240 Dolce Gusto Compatible

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Mixed Espresso Pack of 240

Dolce Gusto® Compatible Capsules

All our Espresso coffees in one pack 

Espresso Coffee Mixed Pack of 240 capsules, this pack contains the following packs of capsules


Espresso Oro Di Napoli, a very intense espresso with a pleasant thick crema, a strong aromatic strength and body from which arise pleasant roasting senses.

Arabica Beans 10% Robusta Beans 90%  Intensity 10/10 Dark Roast

 48 Capsules

Espresso Bar, espresso, a vigorous and intents body and flavour, with a pleasant lingering after-taste.

This espresso is full bodied but smooth and has a generous crema. Arabica Beans 30% Robusta Beans 70% . Intensity  8/10 Dark Roast 

48 Capsules

Fortissimo Arabica espresso, a selection of Arabica coffees, roasted to perfection to release all the flavour, richness, and intensity of these Arabica coffee beans, With  a wonderful aroma and great crema.  Arabica Beans 100%  Intensity 7/10 Medium Roast

48 Capsules

Amabile  Espresso,  A pleasing blend, its sweetness turns to more vigorous scents which strengthen this espresso.
Composition: 50% Arabica – 50% Robusta. Intesity  7/10 M
edium Roast

48 Capsules


Café Espresso produces a fantastic authentic Italian espresso, smooth with plenty of body and flavour with a strength of 8 out of 10 this is just right for drinking straight as an espresso, or for topping up with water to make an Americana.

48 Capsules


These Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules are packed in packs of 16 capsules

please note if we are out of stock of any items then you will receive extra packs of the ones we do have in stock