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Cafe Du Monde ESE 44mm Coffee Pods Buy One Get One FREE

Café Du Monde a perfect balance of high quality Arabica & Robusta coffee beans.

This is a Dark, Rich Roast (4/5) with plenty of lingering flavour

Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for regular coffees, cappuccinos and lattes.

The Coffee used is a High Roasted blend Coffee,

the Beans are roasted longer for a much stronger 'French' flavour.

Our coffee is roasted using a Giesen traditional drum roaster which is computer controlled using state of the art software to ensure that the coffee beans are roasted to perfection.

Packed in 50 x 44mm single pods in per pack. 7 grams per pod

Each pod is individually wrapped to ensure freshness.

Café Du Monde ESE Coffee Pods Pack 50


Café Du Monde  ESE 44mm 

Espresso Coffee Pods

 Dark French Roast  

Pack of 50 Pods

BuyOne Get One FREE

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Café Du Monde ESE Coffee Pods Box 150


Café Du Monde

ESE 44mm  Espresso Coffee pods

  Dark French Roast 

  Box of 150 Coffee pods  

 Buy One Get One FREE.

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