Kenyan Fast Brew ESE Coffee Pods

Kenyan AA Fast Brew Americana ESE 44 mm Coffee Pods

Kenyan AA Fast Brew Americana 100% Arabica Coffee

Building on the success of our Café Fast Brew, we now offer Kenya Fast Brew, which is made from Kenya AA 100% Arabica Beans.

Kenya coffee has a wonderful flavour courtesy of the rich volcanic soil and high altitudes of the mountains found in East Africa.

These pods have a courser grind, a light crema is produced with a faster brew time. These coffee pods can produce up to 7oz of coffee which is a full cup, without any bitter after taste.

So no need for the filter coffee maker.

This premium Kenyan coffee is roasted to a light-medium colour to develop its tremendous body, astounding winy acidity and black currant flavour and strong aroma with very little bitterness.

Coffee is Kenya’s top foreign exchange earner and the government is keen to see this industry prospers. The Coffee Board of Kenya was formed to ensure the quality of exports is maintained and to streamline the industry by regulating coffee trade within and without the country.

Kenyan AA Fast Brew ESE Pods Pack 50

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Kenyan AA Fast Brew

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

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