old brown java coffee_ESE Pods

Old Brown Java ESE 44mm Espresso Coffee Pods

Old Brown Java was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships travelling to Europe in the 17 & 18 hundreds, where the sea water gave the coffee a distinct flavour

Its mild acidity, heavy-bodied taste and sweetness is still attained through a weathering process which can take from 2 to 6 years.

The green coffee beans which are milled but not yet roasted and are then exposed to the region’s moist, warm air throughout the rainy season. The ‘monsooning’ process results in a strengthening of the coffee’s taste, a weakening of the acidity. There is also a distinct colour change from the original green tint of the coffee beans to a light brown colour.

The flavour of these Arabica coffee beans is truly unique,  in spiciness. The musky complex aromas are matched by the rustic earthy flavour notes. The long finish and big body makes this coffee especially impressive

Old Brown Java ESE Coffee Pods Pack of 50

Old Brown Java

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 Pods