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Senseo Taster Pack of 10 Pods £2.99

A pack of Ten Coffee Pods. For Senseo® Coffee Machines or Similar machines that use 62mm pods.

Each Pack contains Two Pods from a selection from the following Coffees :-

  • Colombia Supremo - Savour the rich and nutty flavour of this classic coffee.
  • French Roast  -  A dark-roast lover's dream!
  • Estate Costa Rican -  Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all contribute to the unique flavour
  • Sumatra 'Lake Toba'- This full-bodied yet well-balanced cup is one of our Roastmaster's favourites.
  • House Blend -  Roastmaster's favourite blend - a unique combination of 100% Arabica beans from some of the premier growing regions in the world. Smooth, rich & delicious - perfection in every cup!
  • Brazilian - Brazilian Blend will produce a balanced coffee with low acidity and subtle chocolate and nut notes. A good smooth, bold everyday drinking coffee
  • Signature -
  • OR any others that we have in stock at the time of making up the pack.

Remember, Packed ONE POD per foil pack, NOT as others do - 2 or 6 or 10 or more in a packet. Fresh Every Time

Senseo Taster Pack of 10 Pods

Taster Pack

Senseo Size Coffee Pods