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French Extreme - Senseo Size 62mm Coffee Pods

You asked for it, so here it is !!!!!

A REAL dark-roast lover's dream! & this IS DARK

This unique blend of Arabica & Robusta coffees taken to a rich dark roast makes this a bold yet smooth cup.

A great single cup to start your day off or to enjoy as an after-dinner treat.

Coffee Sense French Extreme Roast 62mm Coffee Pods

  • Individually Wrapped - 7.5 - 8g per pod
  • Dark Roast (Strength 5/5)
  • Responsibly Grown Coffee

Remember, Packed ONE POD per foil pack, NOT as others do - 2 or 6 or 10 or more in a packet. Fresh Every Time.

Pack size - Pack of 50's fresh and flavourful individually wrapped coffee pods of 8 grams each.

Senseo French Extreme Coffee Pods

French Extreme Dark Coffee

Senseo Size

Pack of 50 Pods