D R Congo Kivu Coffee

D.R Congo Kivu 4 ESE Coffee Pods

Democratic Republic of Congo

Kivu 4

Espresso Coffee pods


This coffee 100% Arabica coffee is from a cooperative located in the Kalehe territory on the western side of the Lake Kivu in Democratic Republic of the Congo which is often described as the Great Lakes of Africa. The area is known for high-quality heirloom fruit and small producers.

The altitude is great for growing coffee, lying in the foothills of one of the volcanos in the Albertine Rift Zone. Civil unrest of recent history, the coffee farms were left abandoned for some time, but now that peace has reached the region farmers have started planting new coffee trees and a number of cooperatives have been formed as well as the infrastructure needed for the coffee industry. This has helped in streamlining the whole process of farmers being able to export there coffee beans around the world.

There are currently about 1500 coop members, each averaging about 1 hectare of Bourbon planted coffee trees, with growing altitudes between 1500-1700 meters

This coffee is fully washed using a wet mill set up by the coop, and dried in the sun on raised drying beds.


D R Congo Kivu 4 ESE Coffee Pods Pack of 50

Democratic Republic Congo Kivu 4 ESE Espresso Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 pods

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