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Colombian Fast Brew Americana

We have decided due to the popularity of our other 'Fast Brew Americana' coffee pods to add Colombian Supremo to that list that we have available

As with our Sumatra Crème Fast Brew, and Kenyan AA Fast Brew these ESE coffee pods will allow you to extract a full cup (7oz) of coffee without having to add hot water to the espresso shot, so no over extraction, great

Colombian Supremo 100% Arabica Coffee as a Fast Brew Americana coffee pod

You love the espresso Colombian Supremo, so now for people that love to drink this coffee as an Americana you can, without the fuss, just extract a full cup from the pod

Tasting Notes:-

The cup is infused with beautiful notes of sweet tangerine, raw sugar, and roasted walnuts. It's smooth and light, with a refreshingly mellow, clean character and a wonderful aroma. It could be our most accessible coffee - a great beginner's coffee and yet still appreciated by the connoisseur!

Roastmaster's Notes:

Sweet tangerine acidity

Smooth caramel accents

Warm, roasted walnut finish

Great starter coffee

Colombian Fast Brew Americana Pack 50

Colombian Supremo

Fast Brew Americana

ESE Coffee Pods

Pack of 50