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 In 2010, Kopakama established a women’s producer group named Ejo Heza (“a beatiful tomorrow”), with women representing 2 of the 5 Kopakama board-member positions.  Together the members of Ejo Heza purchased a community field of 1.2 hectares with 3,000 trees.  The women collect and deliver to the coop coffee from their shared communal plot along with coffee they collect from their individual family plots.  In partnership with UK-based NGO Twin, Kopakama is also working to improve water distribution to the village near one of the washing stations.  Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices such as planting ground cover and umbrella/shade trees is another key initiative.  Kopakama is also a regular participant in Rwanda’s Cup of Excellence ™ competition, routinely scoring very well in the final rounds.

Processing at Kopakama is similar to other coffee cooperatives in Rwanda.  After coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station, the coffee is pulped and dry-fermented for ~2 days, then rinsed and soaked for another 24 hours. Wet parchment is hand-picked on covered raised beds before being moved to the drying beds. We look forward to receiving future lots of high-quality coffee from Kopakama, and continuing our partnership with them.

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