Fresh Filter Coffee in a Cup

One Cup Drip Filter Coffee

Do you ever want a cup of Fresh Ground Coffee but only have a kettle, and no coffee machine, these are far better then any 'Coffee Bag' in our opinion

Filter Coffee Bag

At last you can now have a great cup of fresh coffee where ever you are without the need of a coffee machine, all to need is hot water.

These one cup coffee filter bags just sit on the top of your cup or mug, you pour the water in, and the fresh coffee flows in to the cup...........





How To Prepare The Best Cup Of Coffee


Just great for use

In the Office



Hotel Rooms

Guest Houses


Home Use

Just Add Hot Water...............

Fresh Drip Filter Coffee

To ensure that the coffee is at its best, we take the best green coffee beans available which is then Artisan roasted by skilled coffee roasters, then the coffee is ground and packed into individual foil sealed coffee filter bags. These are packed in a Nitrogen atmosphere so that the coffee is kept fresh, ready for you to open and enjoy.