Signature ESE Coffee Pods

Signature Roast

ESE Coffee Pods

 Signature Roast ESE Coffee Pods

We have developed this coffee as our Signature Roast, as we feel that it brings out the best for a great cup of coffee.

Imagine a coffee that is only produced by us, melding the best single-origin coffees' already melodic notes into a rich symphony, conductor's baton firmly in our grasp.

Imagine an excellent Brazilian natural Santos ‘Fine Cup’ coffee bean which  makes a great base for a blend, producing good body thanks to high presence of soluble solids, along with a little sweetness and perfect bitterness— Chocolate and caramel are most prevalent among aromas.

Imagine for acidity, a look to East Africa. Washed coffees from Ethiopia, are maybe the most complex and fully aromatic coffees in the world. For our blend, we used a washed Ethiopia Sidamo, adding perfect sourness, along with great floral notes like jasmine and orange flowers and strong fruit aromas and flavours.

Imagine then adding coffee beans from Indonesia, like Sumatra Mandheling which are famous for their peculiar flavour profile, low acidity, thick body, and rustic flavours that can often be described as earthy.

And then imagine adding an Aged coffee bean like Old Brown Java? The flavour of these Arabica coffee beans is truly unique in spiciness. The musky complex aromas are matched by the rustic earthy flavour notes. The long finish and big body makes this coffee especially impressive. 

Then we let ripe with the melody of flavours coming together to produce a coffee we are proud of.

Packed in Recyclable packaging & the coffee Pod can just be put in your domestic composter, or Food Recycling Bin

Signature Roast ESE Coffee Pods Pack of 50

Signature Roast

ESE Coffee Pods

Pack of 50