Keurig K-Cup Compatible Coffee Capsules
Keurig K-Cup Compatible Coffee Capsules

Keurig K CUP Compatible Coffee Pods

Keurig  K-CUP  Compatible Coffee Capsules

Packed in Boxes of 24 Pods

At last a range of Keurig® K-CUP® Compatible Coffee Pods  from an Award Winning coffee roaster Coffee Sense

If you have a coffee machine that uses Keurig® K-Cup® capsules designed by Keurig® then the capsules on this page are the ones for you  to use in Keurig® K140 or K150 K-Cup® machines, easy to use, and with some of the best coffees available. 

Coffee Sense have spent a great deal of time ensuring that the coffees they are now packing in these Keurig® K Cup® compatible capsules is  of the best quality available for this coffee system. Unlike some other producers of compatible capsules who are just trying to make the capsules for a price point, and not too concerned about the taste of the coffee that is in the capsule, and can offer a range of capsules that no other coffee roaster offers, and the coffee is roasted and packed in the UK

This range of six  different coffees including a Swiss Water Sumatra decaffeinated coffee (just about the best decaf. coffee available) are in our opinion just about the best around. 

Great coffee extraction, with bags of flavour and body, just what you would expect from a capsule that can be used with Keurig® K Cup® coffee system 

Keugig K 140 K-Cup coffee machine

Keurig® K140

K-Cup Coffee System

Keurig K 150 K-Cup Coffee Machine

Keurig® K150

K-Cup Coffee System