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Historically, Coffee roasting has been an art form equivalent to that of gourmet cooking, requiring many years of experience under the watchful eye of a master roaster. Recent developments by Pure Roast Coffee Co. have combined advancements in computer technology with the art and passion necessary to create the finest coffees.
The patented Coffee Air Roast System is a computer controlled, convection air roaster. This patented Air Roast System is the key to simple, consistent gourmet coffee roasting. It is not only simple to operate; it has several advantages over the traditional “drum roasting” method:


  • Convection Air Roasting
  • Efficient chaff separation
  • Precise time and temperature
  • Precise cooling process
  • Quality Coffee



Traditional Solid Drum Roasting


Patented Air Roast Convection Roasting






  • Scorching drum temperatures (800+ F), contributing to blistering and tipping
  • Burring chaff releases smoke, contaminants.
  • Brunt taste from over roasted surface, burning chaff.
  • In lighter roasts, inside can be under roasted, contributing a sour or grassy taste.
  • Water content can be released too early by high temps, reducing carmelization.
  • Consistency depends upon operator; often varies form roast to roast.


  • Only moderate temperatures (450 – 550 F) required.
  • Beans roasted gently by hot air.
  • Chaff and small particles are blown away by air stream; not present later to affect taste.
  • Narrow roast profiles attained (inside and outside of bean roasted to same degree).
  • No bitter or sour tastes.
  • Water released slowly for optimum carmelization.
  • Consistency delivered by computerized roastmaster; same roast profile every time.



Coffee Sense are pround to bring you patented Air Roast Espresso. Smooth, rich taste resulting from our unique, patented convection coffee roaster.

Traditional drum roasters roast beans unevenly- the exterior of the bean is typically roasted much darker than the interior. This can result un unwanted tastes such as bitterness or even a grassy, sour taste from the under-roasted interior.

In contrast, the patented Air Roast System ensures even roast development throughout each bean, resulting in pure taste at the desired roast profile. Not only does this flavour consistently win tasting, but patented Air Roast Coffees are known to produce the ultimate cream- helping your baristas to pull the perfect shot and giving every customer a wonderful coffee experience.