Senseo Speciality Mixed Pack

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Speciality Mixed Pack

for Senseo® Coffee Maker

Pack of 50 pods

Mixed pack of our:  Speciality Coffees from Around The World

Like to try a section of our new coffees? then this is a great way to try them.

In each pack are 25 pods from the following:

Guatemalan SHG – Fedecocagua

A "restrained" and approachable Guatemala flavour profile, there are ample chocolate tones, layers of milk chocolate and hints of pleasant cocoa, The mid-palate is this bright lemon rind that catches you by surprise, then it goes back to the sweet milk and creamy chocolate bitter-sweetness, a thick mouth-feel.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Kenyan MH

Mbuni is coffee that has not gone through the wet process (unwashed).  It comprises about 10% of the total crop and graded either as heavy mbuni (MH) or light mbuni (ML), because it was not picked, or because it fell from the trees after ripening.
Fairly bold, solid bean, good yellow colour, no full blacks pieces of cherry or other bad defectives permitted.  Liquor must be a typical "Mbuni" flavour with no taints. The beans are very rich in flavour.

This is a very unusual coffee with a very ‘Earthy’ flavour

Convection Roasted, and individually foil wrapped to make the last cup as good as the first

Each 62mm Senseo® size coffee pod with produce an 8oz cup of coffee, for use in Philips Senseo Coffee machines, and others that use 62mm coffee pods

62mm Senseo® size coffee pods, use in Philips Senseo Coffee machines, and others that use 62mm coffee pods