Making Espresso

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To start off you need to made the perfect Espresso,

 as this is the 'base' of all coffees

Making Espresso...

To make the perfect Espresso, you need to start with the basics...

1. Turn on your Coffee Machine, and ensure that it is topped up with water, and that it is up to temperature.

2.  As we hope you will be using our ESE Coffee pods, you do not need to worry about the correct beans, grind, or tamper pressure as we have taken care of all these very important steps for you. Our coffee pods contain approximately 7g of fresh ground coffee, which will give you a single espresso 'shot' which is about 25-30ml (1oz) of coffee (about just under a 1/4 of a standard cup)

So just take the coffee pod out of the foil, and place in the 'Group handle' of your coffee machine.

3.  Extraction -  to produce a shot of espresso, ensure that the cup is warmed before using,  press the button on your machine, and draw of about 30ml of coffee, this should that between 15-30 seconds depending on your machine. the coffee should run out smoothly and  should have a deep reddish/orange/brown colour that will get slightly lighter towards the end of the extraction, the crema should make up 10-30% of the  final espresso in the cup.  If you are checking your espresso in a shot glass you should see it settle like a"mini Guinness"!