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Peru MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic pack 50

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Peru MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods -

Pack of 50 Pods

The Rainforest Alliance Certified TM farm where these beans were grown helps to protect the environment, and provide better pay, education and medical care to farm workers and their families, as part of their certification.

Peru Coffee Farmer

Peruvian coffees are grown very high in the Andes Mountains. This exceptional altitude creates a coffee with bright effervescent snap, gentle sweetness, and nice medium body. Peru is an excellent origin for organic coffees, due to the hard work of a few exporters/importers in getting the farms and the mills up to organic standards. 

Arabica coffee is grown on approximately 200,000 farms in Peru. Most are small, averaging less than two hectares. Most coffee is processed through co-operatives. Rainforest Alliance Certified sees the coffee grown under the canopy of the rainforest so that the local flora and fauna and the coffee beans are all protected.

This shade-grown Peru HB MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic exhibits a vanilla-nut-toned sweetness full of subtle citrus acidity. Extremely well balanced with a pleasing finish.

The cup has it all, body, brightness and good depth in the flavours.

From the Chanchamayo region near the town of Pichanaki, this Peru HB MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic is dual certified! A coffee worth discovering...and enjoying regularly.

The coffee industry of Peru is one of that country’s most important agriculture sector, accounting for 12% of all agricultural products. Surprisingly it is one of the world’s largest producers of coffee with over 216 million kilograms exported annually. Of more note is most is organic and fair trade. It is the ninth largest producer in the world!

The coffee is certified organically by OCIA, and has been approved and certified by JAS in Japan.

Packed in 50 x 44mm single pods in per pack. 7.3 grames per pod

Packed in Recyclable packaging & the coffee Pod can just be put in your domestic composter, or Food Recycling Bin