Nicaraguan ESE 44mm Coffee pods

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Nicaragua SHG 

ESE 44mm Espresso Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 Pods

Coffee cultivation was introduced to Nicaragua during the mid-1800s.

At one time, Nicaraguan coffee was more popular and sought after than it is today

Like Guatemala and El Salvador, Nicaragua too is recovering from the brutality of civil war followed by the ravages of 1998 hurricane Mitch. In the case of Nicaragua, its coffees are only now becoming known again.

Most Nicaragua coffee is shade grown. The highest grade is Strictly High Grown (SHG) which these pods are.

Good Nicaraguan coffees are considered a "classic" cup: great body, clean flavour, and balance. They are unique among Central American coffee, in the fact that the highest grown (SHG grade: Strictly High Grown) do not develop the pronounced and sharp acidity of other Central American growers.

Fragrant, complex, with a nut and vanilla bouquet, moderately acidy and medium in body, and a rich, sweet flavour profile that has with a slight nutty finish, with overtones of chocolate that’s lovely and almost chewy.

           Individually foil wrapped, then packed 50 pods per pack

All our ESE Coffee pods are just Paper & Coffee, no plastics are in the paper like tea bags have, so can dbe put into any composter.

Packed in Recyclable packaging & the coffee Pod can just be put in your domestic composter, or Food Recycling Bin