Mexican Mountain Water DeCaf. Pack of 50 Pods

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ESE 44mm Espresso Coffee Pods   

Pack of 50 Pods

Made Using Our Award Winning Coffee Beans

This is quite different to the softer, more rounded drink from the Swiss Water blend we stock, as this is a single origin coffee from the La Selva co-op, located in the Lacandon jungle of Chiapas.

The co-op is certified organic.

There are two main contenders for the best decaffeination process:

The Swiss Water method and the Mountain Water method. They are very similar, differing mainly in the type of filter system they use to extract the caffeine.

This coffee uses the all-natural Mountain Water Decaffeination process, leaving the coffee 99% caffeine free. The Mountain Water Processes developed and used in the DESCAMEX plant preserves the original characteristics, aroma and flavour of their green coffee.

The Mountain Water Decaf process uses clear, pure water from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba Mountains in Mexico.

The processes used have been organic certified by OCIA (as USDA NOP), and JAS since 2003.

Following recent traceability trends, they are also certified as Utz Kapeh coffee traders and have obtained Rainforest Alliance certification.

The coffee producers have been awarded the title of "ESR" (Socially Responsible Enterprise) in 2006 by the Mexican Philanthropic Centre, in recognition of their commitment to the environment, to their community and to their associates

Now back to the coffee.....

You could be forgiven for thinking this wasn't a "decaf" you will be pleasantly surprised by its clean and sweet qualities not usually found in decafs, it is clean and bright, with medium body and mild, citrus acidity. It is sweet and very well balanced.

  • Aroma: Milk Chocolate, Malt
  • Flavour: Clean & Sweet, with hints of Almonds, Caramel, Milk Chocolate, and Cherry
  • Acidity: Soft & Smooth
  • Body: Subtle Citric Acidity
  • Finish: Long and Sweet

 Packed in 50 x 44mm single pods individually foil packed 7 grams per pod

Packed in Recyclable packaging & the coffee Pod can just be put in your domestic composter, or Food Recycling Bin
Recycle Wrapping

We are now starting to use recyclable packaging for our Mexican Mountain Water Decaffeinated  ESE coffee pods