Cuban Serrano ESE Coffee Pods Pack 50

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Cuban Serrano

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 Coffee Pods

Sold Out Until Late 2020

We have been so lucky to get our hands on a few  bags of Cuban Serrano coffee beans, as to say they are hard to find would be an understatement……………

Most of Cuba’s ‘small’ coffee production of just 8,000 tons is destined for Japan and Asia, this is from a high in the 1950s of over 20,000 tons.

Of the coffee that is not exported and remains in Cuba, this coffee is rationed to just  two ounces per adult, every two weeks.

Cuban coffee has a well-deserved reputation as a world class producer of sought after gourmet coffee, and is sold on the bean markets very quickly and at a high price.

Coffee is about tradition in Cuba, produced in small batches and hand-picked in the Sierra Maestra Mountains and without any use of chemicals.

This coffee that we have is from a harvest of just 2,900 since January this year, so we are indeed very privileged to get hold of them.

So what can you expect from is exceptional coffee?

Well Cuban coffee espresso will give to an intense, fragment experience.

Medium/Dark roast with a sweet bouquet of honey and Demerara sugar coming through.

From the very first taste which is rich and smoky, there are hints of fruity acidity in the background which makes this a very well balanced coffee, luscious, velvety smooth and full bodied.

Roastmaster’s notes

  • Dark Roast; 4/5
  • Full Body; 4/5
  • Acidity; 3/5
  • Strength; 4/5


Packed 50 x 7g 44mm individually wrapped pods per pack