Swiss Water Brazilian Santos ESE DeCaf

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Swiss Water Brazilian Santos

Decaffeinated Premium  Coffee Pods

Pack of 50 ESE 44mm Espresso Coffee Pods


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We have added this Swiss Water® decaffeinated coffee from Brazil to the other Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees that we offer based on its cup quality.


This Brazil decaf cups nicely, showcasing typical Brazil notes of nut skin with well balanced acidity and dried fruit sweetness.

Roasting this coffee  brings out bitter sweet cocoa and roasted peanuts in the dry aroma. More dark chocolate and sweeter nuts are released at infusion, culminating in raw almond, toasted grain, and cocoa nibs on the break.

 This is a surprisingly sweet cup, with a profile consisting of demerara sugar, toasted sesame and nut, and a note of dried stone fruit.


Swiss Water Decaf