Caffe Lusso Coffee for Senseo 100 pods

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Caffe Lusso Dark Roast

Pack of 100 coffee pods for

Senseo coffee Makers  

This is a great coffee for when you just need to be able to sit down at home and put your feet up, and relax, or if at work, this coffee blend will give you that pick me up so that you can see the day through.

This is a Dark Roast coffee, with plenty of flavour, and body so that you know that you are drinking a descent cup of coffee.

Clean taste, delicate yet rich with a degree of complexity, and acidity coming through.

This a a special purchase coffee, that we have as a 'one off' , so we are offering this at a special price of just £13.99 for 100 individually foil wrapped coffee pods, which will make a full 8oz cup of coffee.

Breakthrough in quality single-cup coffee! Coffee Sense is the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup! The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, and decaffeinated . Convenience, choice and a gourmet selection!

  • Coffee Sense Everyday Dark Roast 62mm Coffee Pods
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Dark Roast (Strength 4/5)
  • Remember, Packed ONE POD per foil pack, NOT as others do - 2 or 6 or 10 or more in a packet.
  • Fresh Every Time.

Pack size - Pack of 50 fresh and flavourful individually wrapped coffee pods of 7.5 - 8 grams each