Mixed Pack ESE Coffees from Around The World Pack 1

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Mixed Pack of Coffees from Around The World

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Pack of 40

Not sure which Speciality coffee to try from our range of Coffees from around the world?

Then why not try our mixed pack of four different coffees, this pack contains  ESE coffee pods from the following Coffees:

El Salvador Fancy Finca San Antonio

RFA (Rainforest Alliance) standards that are intended to protect the environment and the rights of workers.

SHG (Strictly High Grown) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude around 1350 meters. Coffee grown at a higher altitude and lower temperature produces a slower maturing fruit and a denser bean; which creates a more desirable speciality cup.

EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material.

Cupping Notes

good sweetness, chocolate notes, soft acidity, medium body, nice smokey notes


Papa New Guinea Sigri

A coffee prized by connoisseurs, our Papua New Guinea Sigri is naturally sweet, with a fruity aroma, a spicy body, and clean flavour

Profile: Full, rich body with hints of spice and a clean refreshing finish in the cup expect a unique flavour profile which has a hint of smoky, hickory background note reminiscent of better Jamaica coffees. Layered, refined sweetness.

This is an example of PNG coffee at its best.


Rwanda Naeb Misozi coffee Mushubati Kopakama e.jo Heza women coffee

180 women from the KOPAKAM Coperative came together in 2009 to form this women’s group after the 1994 Rwandan genocide that left many widows and orphans. The women focused on rehabilitating the coffee fields so that they could earn a living without their husbands. From the coffee sales, they raise funds to plant a collective coffee field, Ejo Heza – A Beautiful Tomorrow. They have invested the money for the community to have water access and they have also used the money to help poor members buy cows. There are now 247 women members with individual and collective farms.

In the cup what can you expect: 

Wine and berry, vanilla, roasted almond, butter and clove with aftertaste of butterscotch and hints of orange. Smooth body and sparkle of acidity..

Guatemalan Santa Clara

So what can you expect from Guatemalan Santa Clara?

A big beautiful, creamy,  juicy mouthful and a lovely deep ripe sweetness, flavour notes overflowing with fruit notes such as peaches, apple cider, plums and apricots with a lovely long sweet finish,  with flavours of butter and well balanced chocolaty malt/spicy acidity.

This is such a fantastic espresso coffee, or Americana

Pack contains 10 of each of the above,   40 ESE pods in total