Double Shot ESE Italian Espresso Coffee Pods Pack 50

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Double Italian Espresso

ESE Double Pod Size

Double Italian Espresso

ESE 14g Double shot Coffee Pod

Double Shot ESE Italian Espresso coffee pods for use in Professional, and Commercial Espresso Coffee machines.

A true Italian classic, perfect balance of high quality Arabica 100%  beans. Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for making Espresso,  regular coffees, Americana's, Cappuccinos and Lattes etc.

These are pre-ground espresso coffee, a perfect balance of high quality Arabica beans, contained in a handy paper pod 14g in size

Saves time, effort and mess and the results are superb. 

This double pod makes it a lot easier and cleaner in your bar or cafe and you will also get better consistent results of your Espresso

Roasted using a the patented Pure Roast convection roasting system.

Ideal for regular coffees, Espresso, Cappuccinos & Lattes   

our most popular coffee of all the different coffees that we stock, a medium roast, medium body, coffee with low acidity

Please insure you have the double ESE pod basket for those pods

Suitable For: GAGGIA, Kitchen Aid and most of the Professional Espresso machines

Pack 50 x 14g pods per pack