Rio Oro Coffee Beans 1kg

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Rio Oro Espresso Coffee Beans

1kg Pack

Rio Oro Espresso Coffee Beans

A Blend of Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans

This  best selling espresso blend from ‘Coffee Sence' has the strength to punch through milk, making it ideal for a latte’s and cappuccino’s, as well as being exquisite on its own.

This blend has a lot of body, and produces a cup that is sweet, smooth, and sophisticated. Flavours of caramel and chocolate sweetness, followed by a satisfying, long lasting finish.

Bean: 50% Brazilian Arabica Coffee 50% Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

Weight: 1kg or 142 shots of espresso

Roast: Medium/Dark Roast

Packaging: Foil pouch,with one-way valve to preserve freshness.

Composed of the finest grade South American Arabica beans from Brazil, expertly blended with a touch of Vietnamese Robusta beans (50%) which enhances the character of the coffee.

No wonder it's one of their best selling coffees

Pack: 1kg