Old Brown Java Coffee Beans 1 kg

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Old Brown Java Coffee Beans

Great Flavour & Full Body

1 kg pack

Old Brown Java 6 years old Coffee Beans

Great Flavour & Full Body 100% Arabica

Old Brown Java was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships travelling to Europe in the 17 & 18 hundreds, where the sea water gave the coffee a distinct flavour.


We love this coffee

The flavour of these Arabica coffee beans is truly unique,  in spiciness. The musky complex aromas are matched by the rustic earthy flavour notes. The long finish and big body makes this coffee especially impressive

What can you expect from Old Brown Java 100% Arabica coffee ?

Roastmasters notes:

  • Dark Roast; 4/5
  • Full Body; 5/5
  • Acidity; 2/5
  • Strength; 5/5