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Dark Italian Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Box of 50

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Dark Italian Espresso

Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Strength 9/10

Box of 50 Capsules  

   Great Taste Awards 2020 One Gold Star

Dark Italian Espresso

Nespresso Compatible Pods

Strength 9/10  - Box of 50 Capsules  

The Coffee Beans are roasted longer for a stronger continental flavour.

Italian Espresso Dark Roast is a  high roasted blend of 100% Arabica premium Coffee, 

A blend of three great coffees from South America -  Costa Rican, Colombian, and Brazil, blended to give a great coffee for those that like theirs on the 'dark side'.

This blend has a great slight bitter kick to wake your taste buds up.

Strength 9/10

Great Taste Awards 2020 - Dark Italian Nespresso Awarded One Gold Star     One Gold Star Geat Tate Awards 2020

Judges Comments: table 1 We love the delicate fruity aroma of your capsule coffee, and we love the fact that the thick crema remains intact when stirring. The flavour notes are both mineral and acidic, but have a roundedness too, and the coffee certainly does deliver those classic Italian flavour note

Table 2 Lovely rich creamy crema. A slight dark dried fruitiness on the nose. On tasting, this was smokey and dark with notes of milk chocolate - rich and rounded with a lovely mouthfeel and a smooth creamy and clean finish. Equally delicious with milk, which again gave a warm flavoursome and creamy finish.

Extraction 25/30ml

Box of 50 Nespresso Compatible  Capsules